Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


WRM’s Mission Statement

White Rock Montessori is dedicated to providing a challenging educational environment in which each child is empowered to grow to his/her fullest potential academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, at each stage of development.

Following the principles and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, the school provides a consistent framework for learning through the dynamic partnership of child, parent, and teacher.

White Rock Montessori strives to instill in students a deep sense of personal and social responsibility through respect for oneself, others, and the environment.


Ready, Set, Grow Problem Statement

White Rock Montessori has spent more than 40 years empowering students academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, from age three through eighth grade.

Our small community celebrates the individuality of every child, prioritizes access to nature and environmental education, intentionally allows interaction between children of all ages, and provides a caring environment where every child discovers the highest version of themselves.


But we can do more.

When White Rock Montessori was founded, the school had a vision for a space where middle school students could have the room to grow and explore their higher-level thinking skills with a sense of independence. Now, after the formation of a parent-led strategic plan, we are ready to fulfill that vision through the construction of a new middle school space and the renovation of the second floor into a comprehensive fine arts space.


Here’s why:

Greater capacity = Greater diversity:

WRM is located in an economically diverse area of Dallas. As proponents of global citizenship, we are committed to promoting a culture of equity. With a larger capacity for enrollment, we can begin a productive conversation about socio-economic/cultural diversity in our student body.

We need to build our capacity:

Currently, our middle school enrollment stands at 22 students and we plan to grow that number to 32. The new space can be specifically tailored to meet middle school programmatic needs. This space will allow us to expand small group work opportunities and provide middle school students a larger group of peers with whom to interact. Expanding middle school capacity would also be more appealing for families of upper elementary students who are considering a transfer in to White Rock Montessori.

We need a dedicated fine arts space:

During the strategic planning process, parents identified the lack of a fine arts space as one of their major concerns. By moving the middle school into a separate building, we will be able to turn the second floor of our main building into a brand new music and visual arts space. Right now arts programming takes place in a multi-purpose space where it is often necessary to set up and take down their classroom materials. This renovation would give our arts teachers the space they need to plan creative and comprehensive lessons, and will give WRM the opportunity to add additional arts-related extracurriculars in the future.

Middle school students need the space:

Early adolescents experience a hypersensitivity to being watched and often feel they are being singled out

Adolescent behavior is often seen as silly and judged negatively

Adolescents are in a different plane of development than Upper Elementary and need separation from that group

Adolescents need freedom to be themselves and to be empowered with
their own space to create, decorate, and garden

Adolescents need the ability for movement in their space without disturbing others so they can challenge and explore their newly developing physicality

Adolescents need access to the outdoor environment that provides more freedom than children in the lower school


Here’s what we WON’T do:

We won’t raise tuition to pay for the building:

WRM has worked for many years to become financially solvent and is uniquely positioned to build an affordable space. After a modest fundraising campaign (see more details below), we will have the funds to support this new building without negatively impacting our school’s history of affordable tuition.

We won’t change the culture of WRM:

Everything we love about a WRM education will be the same, or BETTER! There will still be interaction between students of all ages; we will still have a focus on environmental stewardship, respect and personal responsibility; our arts programs, middle school classroom, and extra-curricular activities will have a broader depth of lessons and activities than we have ever been able to offer in the past.

We won’t interrupt daily classroom activity:

The new building will be constructed in an isolated location across the driveway from the main school building, limiting the impact on the day to day experiences of the students. This location was permitted by the City of Dallas more than 20 years ago, which significantly reduces the project timeline. There will be no impact on the natural playground or other outdoor spaces, and the project has a limited environmental impact: we will remove only three trees and will replant vegetation as needed.


How are we going to pay for it?

Given our school’s strong financial position, we are able to finance 80% of the cost of this project. The remaining 20% will come from the following sources:

Approximately $40,000 net proceeds from last year’s auction

Approximately $50,000 already raised through this year’s Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving Campaign and contributions through the annual auction for the next three years


Why are we paying for it this way?

With any new capital project, it is important that both our current and future families participate in the commitment to make it happen. This is how we have become the prodigious school we are today! By utilizing current fundraising earnings and spreading payments out over future years, all constituents (former, current and future families) will take part in the financial commitment to this project.


Want to find out more?

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