August 21, 2020 Construction Update

Construction Update – August 21, 2020

Progress on the MS building has come upon a disappointing setback. Our current move-in date has been delayed until the end of September. There are two factors causing this most recent delay: 1) the installers for one of the sub-contractors have not honored their timeline commitments in spite of multiple follow-up attempts to get them to do so and 2) supply delays due to COVID-19.

For those of you in or affiliated with construction work, these types of delays may be familiar to you. There are several options I am considering to meet the needs of the school while awaiting the MS building completion. Please visit this page to receive updates along the way.


June 24, 2020 Construction Update

Our current timeline for completion is Friday, August 14th!

The exterior walls are built, the siding is up, and trusses and roof are expected within the next week…our contractors tell us there may be room to shave off a few more days along the way. So far, we are making steady progress towards completion for the 2020-2021 school year.

Some pictures below show the steps along the way!

Keep checking back for more updates in the weeks ahead.



May 25th Construction Update

May 25th Construction Update

Many of you have been asking about updates on our progress with the MS building. We are moving forward with construction and the current timeline for building completion is early-September. Our contractors are working diligently to reduce this timeline so the building will be ready for students by August 17th.

Here are some images taken on Friday, May 22nd.



May 2020 Construction Update

May 2020 Construction Update

The construction of the new MS building is still underway. There were some delays in progress due to rain we received in late February/early March. The projected completion of the building is currently September 11th. The contractors and architects believe some time can be made up over the summer. It should be up and running for the 2020-2021 school year.



Ready, Set, Grow! Project

Construction Phase Begins

Monday, February 24th

Permits are approved…sub-contractors are hired…all paperwork is signed

Let the construction begin!

We are delighted to inform you we are ready for construction to begin on Monday, February 24th. This exciting next step in the Ready, Set, Grow! Project will bring the completion of the MS Building and Fine Arts Space to fruition.

The first step in the process will be to dig for and layout the utility lines. This will impact the driveway and our car line procedures for approximately two weeks. We will keep you posted if we need you to do anything differently. In the meantime, please forgive any inconvenience. These next few months will be a practice in patience and an opportunity to keep the big picture in mind (two amazing new spaces for our school)!

While we are under construction, we request all visitors to campus avoid parking in designated fire lanes.


A Practice in Patience

A Practice in Patience


Well, after many smooth steps along the way in our building process, we are experiencing a practice in patience. A slow down in one of our permits has stalled our groundbreaking date and we are awaiting final word from the city about when we can get started. Our contractors are still on track for completing the building in time for the start of the Fall 2020 school year. We’ll keep you posted as things advance.

In the meantime, you may have noticed there are stacks of wood from our tree removal (read more about that decision here). Most of this wood was set aside for projects related to the new building and we look forward to involving the parent community in the creation of those items. If we have wood left over, we will make it available to the parent community for keepsake purposes.

We are looking forward to breaking ground soon. Thanks, in advance, for your patience!

Did you know?

WRM is financing the Ready, Set, Grow! project based on a $200,000 contribution from the parent community. The board of trustees has earmarked the funds from the Annual Event (formerly WRM Auction) and the Annual Giving Campaign for five years for the parents to meet this contribution. This means we will be able to complete this project without pursuing a Capital Campaign! Here is the breakdown of the funds earmarked so far:

$46,000 net proceeds from the 2017-2018 WRM Auction
$56,000 net proceeds from 2018-2019 Annual Giving Campaign & Annual Event
$70,000 anticipated proceeds from 2019-2020 Annual Giving Campaign & Annual Event

With this momentum, we fully anticipate the parent contribution for this project to be 100% complete by the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This is one full year ahead of schedule! Many thanks to our amazing parent community for your support.


Update on Tree Impact due to Construction

Update on Tree Impact Due to Construction



We are excited about the forward growth towards breaking ground on the MS building and look forward to beginning excavation soon. Many of you are wondering about the impact on the trees in the area and so I wanted to take this opportunity to update you.


Two weeks ago we had the space for the building cleared of a significant amount of privet and two small trees in preparation for construction to begin in the new year. One cedar and one cedar elm were removed as part of that process. Two chinaberry trees will still need to be removed over the break. All of these trees were planned removals and new trees will be planted to replace them after the new building is built. 


Upon review from an arborist, it has been determined that two oak trees will also need to be removed. They were damaged during the wind storm in June, which caused them stress and made them vulnerable to disease. They have become infested with mistletoe and will need to be removed for the safety of all as we move forward with the building excavation. These trees will also be replaced once construction is completed.


A third (and largest) oak tree is not as heavily impacted, although it does have signs of mistletoe infestation as well. Our arborist will be working to remove the diseased branches and to protect the tree during construction. We are making some adjustments to our construction plans in order to give this tree its best chance at survival. You can read more about mistletoe infestation here.


As an organization, we highly prioritize the health and preservation of the trees across campus and will continue our work with the arborist to keep all trees robust and flourishing for many years to come!