Our Goal

To keep the White Rock Montessori community strong as we go through and recover from, the COVID-19 crisis.

White Rock Montessori is establishing a #CommunityStrong fund with the hope that no family will have to leave our school as a result of financial impact due to COVID-19.

Our school has a long history of community support. In 1980, just five years after opening its doors, WRM recovered from a devastating fire and was able to reopen at a new location in just one week. Fifteen years later, a group of families purchased the land on Oates Dr and held it for two years while securing a specific use permit for the school. The beautiful campus and facilities we enjoy today are the result of a continuous legacy of parent support through gifts of time, talent, and resources. 

We are in a time where we need our community more than even! COVID-19 is making it difficult for some families to remain at the school for next year. In order to support them, we have initiated a fund called #CommunityStrong. WRM is setting aside funds to assist our families with tuition relief next year and we need your help.


Your Donation and the CARES Act

White Rock Montessori is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, your donation may qualify for tax benefits under the CARES Act.
For small donations, individuals can now get up to a $300 above-the-line tax deduction.
For larger donations, individuals can now deduct 100% of their AGI for cash contributions.