Navigators USA, Chapter 230

2019 – 2020 School Year

“As a Navigator, I promise to do my best to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance.
To treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect.
To strengthen my body and improve my mind to reach my full potential.
To protect our planet and preserve our freedom.”
The Navigator USA Moral Compass

About Navigators USA

Navigators USA is an all gender, secular scouting movement that welcomes all people – children and adults, no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief. We believe the greatest challenge for the future of the planet is to learn how to get along with people different than ourselves.

Our mission is to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other. By using unstructured play with curriculum, we promote interpersonal skills along with achievement.

Core Navigator USA values are Nature, Inclusion, and Community and we will participate in group activities that help us learn about, support and grow these values. Activities may include: making new friends, reading about different cultures, volunteering at a local farm to help feed the hungry, exercise, outdoor free play, yoga, nature hikes, gardening, recycling, litter clean up, learning about social justice, engaging in community service activities, learning about the many other animals we share the planet with and how to protect and care for them, learning scouting and safety skills, and much more! We also plan an annual family camping trip in the spring which is a wonderful community building experience.

Chapter 230 is the first Navigators USA Chapter in Dallas. Our chapter leaders are Emily Cabral, Wesley Parker and Clea Verven. This fall 21 spots are available for White Rock Montessori (WRM) 1st through 6th graders. We welcome and encourage whole family participation. Please plan to share your time and talents with us – we’re going to have lots of fun!

For more information, visit or email us at



Meetings will take place at WRM in the multi-purpose room on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM, beginning on Friday, September 13th, 2019 and running through Friday, May 8th, 2020. We will not meet on any Fridays that fall on school holidays.

We plan to offer at least two community service opportunities on Saturdays during each semester and some of these may be open to the entire WRM community.



Chapter dues are $100 per child for the year and include a Navigators USA Chapter 230 fanny pack. This payment can be made via the PayPal link provided below. T-shirts and other Navigators USA gear are available for individual purchase at Certain activities (e.g. field trips and other outdoor adventures, camping, building personal first aid kits, and some badges) may incur additional costs. Chapter 230 families will also be asked to provide meeting snack once per semester.

PayPal Payment Link:

Navigators USA Annual Chapter 230 Dues



Please complete and submit your child’s (five) online registration forms by Monday, September 9th. Spots are reserved on a first come/first served basis. Links to all registration forms can be found below.

Registration Forms:

  1. Junior Navigators USA Chapter 230 Registration
  2. Medical Authorization
  3. Annual Navigators USA Release Authorization
  4. Media Consent Form
  5. Contact Information