Recorders (Upper Elementary)


Upper Elementary

Dear Parents:

Throughout the school year, the Upper Elementary students will work on a recorder unit where each student will play their own recorder to learn a variety of recorder repertoire, and to compose recorder melodies of their own. Upper Elementary students can purchase their very own soprano recorder to use in class or if they have the recorder they used last year, they may use that instead.

This year, 5th and 6th grade students will have the choice to play their soprano recorders from last year or to play a new type of recorder called an alto recorder. Alto recorders are a little bigger than soprano recorders and therefore play in a lower register. Playing an alto recorder is a chance for these older students to broaden their music experience, but it is also a challenge since learning the alto recorder requires students to learn new notes and fingerings.

Your child will be responsible for bringing his or her recorder every Friday to music class. Students may also purchase two recorders, one to keep at school and one to practice with at home if you choose. Any recorder you purchase will be your child’s to keep. If your child already has a recorder at home, please have them bring it to school on the day we start the recorder unit on Friday, September 22nd.

I am very excited about the Upper Elementary students making music with new instruments! We will be ordering Upper Elementary’s recorders soon, please place recorder orders by Friday, September 1st.

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