Summer 2017 Registration Form – Due August 1st

Summer 2017 Registration Form - Due August 1st

This form should be completed for all students who have already completed the Enrollment Agreement process for the upcoming school year.
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    The School typically provides two (2) car pool tags per family household. Please indicate here how many total carpool tags are needed for your family:

    This information will be kept on file at school as a reference for any staff member involved in dismissing your child. Please inform the School Office promptly of any change. If someone other than a regular driver is to transport your child, authorization must be sent to the school via a written note delivered in the morning or phone call before 2:45 p.m.Children will be released to authorized persons only.
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    You can add additional authorized drivers by clicking the "+" sign.

    I hereby authorize White Rock Montessori and representatives of WRM to utilize likenesses, photographs, recordings, or artwork of (or by) my child in any medium now known or later conceived including, but not limited to, school newsletter, Thursday Folder announcements, school brochure, print or electronic media, and the WRMS website. I acknowledge that my child may be identified in such photographs or recordings.

    Your child will only be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities once this section is signed and returned to White Rock Montessori School.I desire my child to go on any and all trips, and to participate in any and all activities, along with other students from White Rock Montessori School during his/her enrollment in the current school year. My child is now under my control and in my custody. In consideration of such child being permitted to make such trips and to take part in such activities and the instruction such child will receive by reason thereof, I hereby release White Rock Montessori School, its president, directors, teachers, and employees, together with any volunteer carrier of such child without compensation, from any and all liability and responsibility in connection with such trips and activities, and hereby release all of said parties from all liability by reason of accident or injury suffered by said child while on said trips or engaged in such activities.

  • First person to contact in case of emergency.
  • Second person to contact in case of emergency.

  • Please check items for which the school may administer without situational approval by parent/guardian.

    If you have administered medication prior to the school day, alert the office in writing when additional doses may be given.

    If you would like a WRM t-shirt, indicate what size and type shirt you would like below, and you will automatically be taken to PayPal after submitting this form to pay for your shirt(s).
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    The Parent Handbook can be found on the homepage of or by clicking here.

    Our School Directory is also going digital and will include the below items. This will allow increased accuracy and real-time updating, give you the capacity to copy/paste emails rather than typing them out, and access them anywhere you have an internet connection. Our directory is for our school community only and will not be shared publicly (website, Facebook, etc.).
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